Dan L. (Fort Worth, TX) (Parent)

"Mara has greatly enjoyed the tutoring sessions she has had with Danielle. We have seen improvement in her practice test scores and Danielle has been thoroughly professional and accommodating. Danielle has worked around Mara’s schedule when we have run into conflicts and is always on time for our appointments. I really appreciate the follow up emails she sends to me after each session so that my wife and I are aware of what was accomplished during the tutoring session and how we can reinforce what was covered and ensure homework is completed. The classroom sessions and practice tests as part of the ACT program at the Fort Worth facility has helped to reinforce the gains Mara has made during the tutoring. Mara takes her test on April 14 and I believe she is confident going into the test due to the hard work she has put into her preparation with the guidance from Danielle.

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