Rhesa B. ( Dallas,TX) (Parent)

High School Student

ACT Score Improvement

We spent a lot of time researching and interviewing different organizations before deciding that Victory Step Prep was the choice we wanted to make in helping our daughter achieve the best possible score she could on the ACT. I was surprised, from the very first conversation, how professional, yet personable they were. For our daughter, knowing her personality, I knew that one-on-one time was needed to help her build confidence and make her at ease in being able to find the answers or explain concepts in which she is unclear. That is what Logan has provided for her. We were so pleased with him as our tutor and sad when he moved out of state. Anne has stepped in, fully up to speed with Holly's progressions, and is preparing her for the test. Although we miss Logan, I feel like they have placed her in another set of hands who will equip her to succeed. I have appreciated the extent in which each instructor has gone to, by providing detailed emails containing the notes of everything that was worked on in the sessions and then also, any follow up homework that was assigned. The more sessions she attends, the more confidence she is gaining in her test taking abilities.

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