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"This is an organization that prides itself for instilling knowledge, confidence, and endurance in each student they benefit."
- Heather (Victory Prep Tutor)

Victory Prep Tutors is a performance-driven tutoring company committed to transforming education while remaining true to our philosophy. Our tutors define Victory Prep Tutors. Each of our employees is talented, intelligent, and awesome! To be a Victory Prep Tutor means to come to work ready to achieve your goals, inspire your students, and grow as a teacher. We offer the most comprehensive test preparation in Texas and we pride ourselves on instilling knowledge, confidence, and endurance in each student we benefit. Join us and take the next Victory Prep Tutors of your career. Victory Prep Tutors is currently accepting resumes to expand our pool of test preparation instructors. We are also hiring for Administrative Assistant and Sales Director positions.

Why Work for Victory Prep Tutors?

1. We Value Talented Instructors

Victory Prep Tutors is designed to attract experts. We do NOT believe in a cookie cutter curriculum. On the contrary, we provide our employees with a highly structured curriculum which the instructor can use, modify, and enhance in any way he or she sees fit. Our goal is to maximize student achievement and our belief is that the teacher is in the best position to know how to accomplish it.

2. Flexible Working Hours

Victory Prep Tutors requires you to work at least 5 hours a week. Beyond that, you set your own hours. We offer you live courses, online tutoring, and live tutoring. Victory Prep Tutors never forces an assignment upon you. You can accept or decline based on your own schedule. Instructors typically teach between 5-30 hours per week for Victory Prep Tutors.

3. Great Compensation

Victory Prep Tutors always places its students and employees before financial gain. For that reason, we provide 25% more than what the average test prep company does. Some teachers might not be in it for the money, but it doesn't hurt! We also give additional end-of-year bonuses that grow with your tenure and performance.

4. Fast Growing Company

As an instructor, you will find several opportunities to grow within the company. Victory Prep Tutors is a fast-growing company that is looking to expand even further. When looking for new directors/managers, our tutors are the first we turn to!

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