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Effective Math Tutoring that Leads to Outstanding Results!

With Victory Prep Tutors' one-on-one math tutoring all around the country, students will understand and learn math concepts at his or her own pace. Our tutors review concepts until it’s clear that the student has mastered them while new ones are introduced as he or she feels comfortable and is ready.
The primary goal of our personalized math tutoring programs is to help your child prepare for and succeed on important quizzes and tests. This involves reviewing homework assignments, discussing key concepts and techniques, and working through practice problems together.
Don't wait until tomorrow to see what Victory Prep Tutors can do for your family today.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Summer is here and school is out! Don’t let all the knowledge your child has accumulated this past academic year go to waste. Victory Prep Tutors offers fun, yet productive, summer private tutoring programs designed to keep your child’s mind active and growing with curiosity. One of our representatives will meet with you to discuss your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement and, along with the assigned tutor, will create a custom summer tutoring plan.

What happens if we don’t use all of our summer tutoring hours?
The best part is that these hours roll over to the upcoming academic year! Students can use those hours to get help with homework, study for exams, review essays, and so much more.

Popular Math Tutoring Subjects

Algebra I and II:
Requires a lot of hard work and patience as your student begins using more involved operations. Whether it be linear equations, systems of equations, proportions, ratios, basic statistics, or graphing, our tutors have it covered! From pre-algebra through college algebra, your instructor ensures each student remains confident and prepared to ace the next quiz or test.

Introduces new ways to think of shape, space, symmetry, and position. We teach great ways to remember and apply equations for perimeter, area, and volume for nearly every shape! On top of that, we focus on triangles and circles to make sure that your student is ready for trigonometry and pre-calculus well ahead of time. Victory Prep Tutors will help guide your student through these new ideas with ease.

Encompasses both pure and applied math. Triangles form the basis for a huge amount of architecture in our society. Understanding how they work will help students appreciate and comprehend just how important triangles can be in our everyday lives. As your student learns about sines, cosines, and tangents, our academic tutors will be there to help make sense of it all.

Pre-Calculus and Calculus:
Highly intimidating, yet necessary. Calculus is at the root of nature and the world at large. Without calculus, we wouldn't have physics. Without physics, no chemistry. Wihtout chemistry, there's no deep understanding of biology. Furthermore, learning and practicing calculus more than sharpens the mind in preparation for college and the workforce. We have skilled tutors who will help your student take on this challenge and beyond.

Why Is Math So Important?

Math is the basis in which the world works as a whole. Each and every part of our enviornment, our society, our lives can be explained by mathematics. Economics, architecture, medicine, space travel, and computer technology are only possible thanks to math. One doesn't have to be a certified mathematician to benefit from math. Cashiers, bakers, desk workers, waiters, and other typical professions like those draw some of their skills from mathematics. Furthermore, practicing and learning math can help develop analytical and problem solving abilites in anybody who really commits to it. Logical thinking and math go hand-in-hand as well. If you want to be a more focused and able to break down any problem in front of you, those same skills can apply to math and vice versa!

Will a Victory Prep Tutor engage my child?

Victory Prep Tutors:

  • Listen to your child's needs and plan strategies to address these needs.
  • Have access to instructional and student practice resources.
  • Have integrated technology by providing appropriate online resources to your child along with live tutoring.
  • Will teach self-management skills critical to each student's success.
  • Observe, assess, and monitor your child's progress.

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