Our Approach to Online GRE Tutoring

Our online private tutoring is offered to our students in the form of one-on-one setting or a small group setting (1-3 students), based on what the student desires, with our highly trained instructors. The value of online tutoring is that students can have their sessions with their instructors at their convenience; at home, on vacation, from school, anywhere there is a computer and internet access. Victory Step's programs are designed to offer exclusive attention and training to students that prefer private settings to classrooms and with the online option, students don’t even have to be in the same state as their instructor!

Online Teaching Platform

WizIQ is an online learning management system we use to conduct our online courses. Our online platform allows us to simulate traditional, face-to-face learning with interactive tools. We brings all of the classroom tools and capabilities to an online environment. Students can engage with their instructor and peers through audio and video live streaming.

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Our Report Card

A+: Convenient and Affordable

“It's great having the tutoring sessions at our home vs. spending an hour driving to and from other tutoring services we looked into. I shopped around quite a bit before selecting Victory Step and their fees beat the competition by a long shot.”
- Denise R. (parent)

A+: Effective Tutors

“After being out of school for a few years I lacked the motivation and confidence to further my education. I never thought I had what it takes to pass the GMAT. I was fortunate enough to come across Victory Step. Victory Step provided me the tools and strategies that I needed to succeed. I was blown away witg how stimulating , motivational, and enlightening the classes were.”
- Shumon F. (student)

A+ Student Recommendation

“Had a great experience with my GMAT tutor. My weakness was math before taking the test and now I feel very comfortable. The tutor met with me at a local library and was always punctual and organized. I'm very happy with my decision to go with victory."
- Malav M. (student)

Transferable Hours

Didn’t use up all of your purchased hours?
No worries. You can use the remaining hours in several of the following forms:

  • ⇒ Academic Tutoring
  • ⇒ College Admissions Counseling
  • ⇒ Personalized College and Scholarship Search
  • ⇒ College Interview Preparation
  • ⇒ College Essay Assistance
  • ⇒ Tutoring for Another Family Member

Review Plan



9 Sessions


Detailed study of key concepts and test-taking strategies!


Classic Plan



18 Sessions


Bolster targeted topics with a rigorous approach.



Extensive Plan



25 Sessions

Thorough preparation to improve overall performance



Absolute Plan



40 Sessions


The comprehensive program to target multiple areas!!






50 Sessions

50 sessions

Thorough preparation to improve overall performance.



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