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Victory Step Test Prep & Tutoring offers three options for SAT, ACT, and other exam or class prep in San Antonio and its vicinity: interactive and engaging group courses, effective and flexible private tutoring, and convenient online training. Victory Step doesn't believe that there is a cookie-cutter approach to succeeding on the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, ISEE, SSAT, STAAR, TSI, or GED. We realize that each student is different, and has unique strengths, abilities, and needs. This principle is at the center of our philosophy and teaching methods. Our curriculum, tests, instruction, and prices- all stand out from the competition. It is no wonder then that Victory Step is one of the fastest growing test prep and tutoring companies in San Antonio and in all of Texas.

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We are proud to serve students from San Antonio Independent School District, Edgewood ISD, North East ISD, East Central ISD, Northside ISD, Southwest ISD and private schools in San Antonio, TX.

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Unlike other companies in San Antonio that have different tiers or levels of instructor pricing based on experience and/or talent, Victory Step Education has only one kind of instructor: the very best! We carefully screen applicants for the SAT and ACT, take them through a rigorous interview process, and train them thoroughly in all sorts of subjects and exams. Most importantly, all our talented, experienced, and highly paid instructors are available at the same low prices.

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