We here at Victory Prep Tutors believe that any and every child should be able to afford high quality education and, in fact, deserves it. Over the course of our history, we have perfected our pricing model to be as cost-effective as possible, maintaining exceptional educational programs that are cheaper than the competition. Our six-week SAT and ACT classroom programs are among the lowest in Texas, California, Seattle, and Northern Virginia. In addition, our private tutoring program has competitive prices that only get more cost-effective as you purchase more hours. That is backed up by our reviews touting boosted scores achieved through low prices! Victory Prep Tutors wants the parents and students to get the most bang for their buck, and we will work with you to get what your child needs to succeed.


Only the best tutors work at Victory Prep Tutors. All potential applicants go through a rigorous multi-step interview process and then are put through intensive training to make sure they provide the best service possible to our students. Our instructors have scored in the top 98th percentile on the SAT and/or ACT and possess at least a bachelor’s degree from a credible university. They offer test-taking strategies, content awareness, and motivation to bring your child’s score as high as possible! Some are even specialized in certain subjects like chemistry, English, history, and biology so nearly any student struggling in class can get the upper hand. Furthermore, we give frequent supplementary training to them to keep them on their A+ game to help get their students on the same level.


Our tutors are dedicated to bolstering not only your child’s scores, but also their confidence and study habits! We believe that taking a test is one thing but being able to practice for it and feeling good about it are also important aspects to tutoring! The studying habits our instructors will instill in their students will follow them through the rest of their education and they’ll have fun doing it. These study habits will make them feel prepared and confident before taking a test or even just going to a lecture. We want our tutors to engage in a way that isn’t dull and will instill assurance in your child. Instructors will praise for a job well done with constructive criticism to only further embed the feeling the progress. Victory Prep Tutors will make sure the right tutor is assigned to your teen to maximize their enjoyment, self-confidence, and morale!


Not only are our tutors invested in our students, but so is our entire staff! Everyone at Victory Prep Tutors wants the best for your child and will do everything we can to help them reach their goal and feel positively about the whole experience. We’ve all been there before, so we empathize with students and make sure that they know we’re here for them. Education is one of the most fundamentally important facets of society, so we want to give it our all to provide the best educational experience we can! Victory Prep Tutors was founded on the notion that education should be handled seriously and with extreme care and passion. We will take every step possible to put every ounce of energy we have into improving your child’s educational experience.


The tutors and staff at Victory Prep Tutors are committed to ensuring that every question, comment, or piece of feedback that you put forth is answered swiftly and completely. You will be kept in the loop about every part of your child’s education with clear and detailed updates after every session. Our instructors will get back to you as soon as they possibly can, stay in touch with anything that comes up with your child, and can adjust their methods according to your best interests. Similarly, Victory Prep Tutors’ team of dedicated advisors and coordinators will hear everything you have to say and do their best to accommodate anyone’s requests. We are driven to make sure you are always happy and informed! Anything we can do to keep that as a constant is something we will strive to achieve.


Victory Prep Tutors offers a multitude of different programs from which students and parents may choose from based on their preferences. These are private tutoring sessions (one-on-one with an instructor at the home, public locale, or the VPT office), small group tutoring (three or so students matched with an instructor, same locations), and tutoring classrooms (no more than twenty students in a classroom at Victory Prep Tutors Headquarters). Each one has a fun, stimulating, learning environment coupled with the structure of our well-rounded curriculum. We not only focus on content such as math and English, but the test-taking strategies, study habits, and practicing tips students need to achieve with any exam. Everything the instructors will teach the students is top of the line in terms of accuracy with current exams, usefulness in terms of ubiquity, and is emphasized with every lecture!


The curriculum isn’t just a single structure, however. It is subject to change based on the students’ and parents’ needs. Every student that signs up at Victory Prep Tutors can expect individual focus (especially in private tutoring) that will tailor the lesson plans and homework towards their strengths and weaknesses. Our instructors are not only very talented and skilled with the material, but they have intuition and people skills to match in order to pinpoint what your child is struggling with and what they excel at. Before tutoring even starts, Victory Prep Tutors' instructors spend some time with their students in order to understand where they’re coming from and gauge where to go from there. If anything in the future changes, such as a new weakness found or perhaps something just clicks, then the instructor will adjust the program from there. Our curriculum evolves as your student learns and grows on an individual basis!


The personal approach that Victory Prep Tutors takes makes everything quite convenient. Every step of the way, we want to make sure that the parent likes our tutors and feels like their student is not only learning but is safe and comfortable whilst doing so. That’s where the true ease of scheduling and coordinating comes in. We’ve already discussed how we try our best to answer any and every question and comment put before us, but we also want to fulfill any request possible! That’s why we do our tutoring, by default, in your home. That way, you don’t have to travel a long way and drop off your child, you can monitor their progress in person, and the comfortability of a familiar place will keep the student at ease. Sessions can also be done at the Victory Prep Tutors office if the home is unavailable. However, if that doesn’t work or is not the preference, tutoring can be performed in nearly any mutual public location! Libraries, coffee shops, or even a park are perfectly fine places to tutor and learn as long as the student can get to and from them safely. We will work with you to coordinate sessions to fit your needs.


Speaking of coordinating sessions to fit your needs, we not only want to find the best location for tutoring, but the best time and day as well! A rigid formulaic and even robotic schedule and method will only get in the way of a student’s learning and can be very frustrating. Victory Prep Tutors will work with you as best they can to mesh into the student’s schedule, whether it be around holidays, vacations, after school, or early on the weekend! We can schedule weeks in advance, multiple times a week, or even a few days before. Just make sure to contact your tutor and confirm dates and times with them and they will get back to you as soon as possible. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, make sure to let the tutor know. We understand how busy life can get and will work with you every step on the way. Any rescheduling should be done prior to 24 hours before the session as our tutors have very packed calendars, making it hard for last minute adjustments. We know parents understand and empathize with how hectic life can get when it revolves around students!


Lastly, but perhaps most important to anyone wanting to get tutoring, are the results of said tutoring. All these methods and great qualities and reasons why you should choose Victory Prep Tutors wouldn’t amount to much without some hard numbers, right? Well, we’ve got great news for you: Victory Prep Tutors can tout an average increased score in the SAT of at least 200 points and at least 5 points in the ACT in some of our smallest offered packages. We’ve had up to a 400-point increase in the SAT and up to a 14-point increase in the ACT. Don’t believe me? Check out our reviews on our website, Google, and Facebook! On top of that, our students tell us that they have boosted confidence, better study habits, and a general increase in scholastic skill once they finish our programs. That’s why we get so many glowing recommendations, reviews, and referrals!


Victory Prep Tutors provides students with a holistic approach to SAT and ACT test preparation, which focuses on each section of the test, test taking strategies, and ways to battle test anxiety. Our advantage lies in our flexibility, our customer service, and our premier instructors, whom we hold to the highest of professional standards. Our instructors are patient, understanding, and ease your student along the path towards reaching their full potential. After enrollment in one of our classroom or individual tutoring programs, your student can feel assured as they walk in to the classroom on test day. After we’re through with them, the only things they’ll need to make their test a success are a pair of number two pencils, a calculator, and a government issue ID card!

The Victory Prep Tutors Advantage lies in our high-level instructors, our customer service, our clear,
composite curriculum, and our flexibility regarding the best options for you.

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