Pre-College Timeline

Planning your path through high school can be the make or break factor in getting into the college of your choice. Staying organized and focused as much as possible really does improve your odds of success in achieving your goals in high school and beyond!

College Admissions Timeline

It can often be overwhelming to determine what needs to be done when during the college admissions process. Getting into college is the culmination of several years of school work, extracurricular activities, and testing, and it's important to have an idea of when to begin each part of the process. We've put together a college admissions timeline to make things as convenient as possible for you. While this timeline is very general, it will serve as a good guide to help get you moving in the right direction. Victory Prep Tutors college admissions counselors have the resources and knowledge to walk you through the entire process as efficiently as possible. We've helped thousands of kids in the Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Houston and North Virginia Area get into their top choice schools, and we'd love to be an important resource for you.

Freshman Year

  • Applying for college earlier increases your chances of admission by close to 25%.
    Start everything (advanced classes, organizations, saving money, etc.) early and don't fall behind!

  • Fall Semester
    • ● Meet with your school counselor
    • ● Create a 4-year academic plan
    • ● Register for AP and honors classses (or IB program)
    • ● Join school clubs/organizations and volunteering
    • ● Start saving money for college
    Spring Semester
    • ● Become or continue to be an avide reader
    • ● Run for leadership positions in organizations, if possible
    • ● Sign up for advanced Sophomore year classes
    • ● Study hard for finals, finishing your first year strong
    • ☀ Volunteer at least 100 hours, work, and/or take a summer program
    • ☀ Visit some colleges
    • ☀ Study for upcoming classes and the SAT/ACT/PSAT
    • ☀ Save money and have fun!

    Sophomore Year

  • It is extremely important to study and prepare for college.
    However, healthy personal and social lives are also needed for your mental health and well being. Balance is always key!

  • Fall Semester
    • ● Build a rapport with your counselor
    • ● Update your academic plan, if need be
    • ● Pursue your interests and discover your desired college major
    • ● Take the PSAT
    Spring Semester
    • ● Attend more college fairs
    • ● Sign up for advanced Junior year classes
    • ● Continue reading anything and everything you can
    • ● Hit the books and bump up your GPA as high as possible
    • ☀ Volunteer at least 100 hours, get a job, and/or take a summer program
    • ☀ Visit more colleges
    • ☀ Study for upcoming classes and the SAT/ACT/PSAT
    • ☀ Keep saving money and having fun!

    Junior Year

  • Students spend less than an average of 10 hours studying for the SAT/ACT.
    Get ahead of the crowd and find test-prep to knock your college application out of the park!

  • Fall Semester
    • ● Meet with your counselor for a college list
    • ● Focus this year to really solidify a strong GPA
    • ● Network with teachers and communicty leaders to get recommendations
    • ● Research/sign up for SAT/ACT test prep
    • ● Take the PSAT again
    Spring Semester
    • ● Obtain positions of leadership in your school and other activities
    • ● Attend even more college fairs
    • ● Determine your college major
    • ● Search and apply for scholarships
    • ● Take the SAT/ACT and any subject/AP exams
    • ☀ Volunteer at least 100 hours, continue working, and/or take a summer program
    • ☀ Visit even more colleges
    • ☀ Study for upcoming classes and the SAT/ACT
    • ☀ Finalize college list and start writing college application essays
    • ☀ Save time for some well-deserved fun and relaxation!

    Senior Year

  • When you apply for college, admissions officers will look at these on your application:
    GPA and coursework, test scores (SAT, PSAT, ACT, etc.), extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, volunteering, internships, etc.), recommendations, and your college essay.

  • Fall Semesterr
    • ● Maintain great grades, this is the home stretch!
    • ● Ask teachers/counselors/leaders for recommendations well in advance
    • ● Take the SAT/ACT again
    • ● Polish your college application essays
    • ● Apply to schools and scholarships with early/fall deadlines
    Spring Semester
    • ● Apply to any remaining colleges
    • ● Prepare for interviews and submit financial aid forms
    • ● Visit colleges you've been accepted to
    • ● Choose a college and submit the deposit
    • ● Finish your high school career strong - congrats!
    • ☀ Finish up any post-high school projects
    • ☀ Attend college orientation
    • ☀ Find a place to live while you're in college
    • ☀ Study for classes and complete any assignments before classes start
    • ☀ Take a vacation or spend some time relaxing before college!

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