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SAT In-Home Private Tutoring with Top Tutors

Students are assigned to our world class tutors in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Northern Virginia who come to your house if a parent is present. Your student begins by taking a diagnostic test. This provides a road map for the test prep that will prepare your student for their SAT exam. Over the course of the first several weeks and months, tutors expose students to the material they will encounter on the SAT and develop disciplined strategies for approaching each section. Weekly meetings, assignments, and practice exams help students develop a deeper understanding of concepts and refine their problem-solving techniques. We expect that students who complete our private tutoring program will not only improve their standardized test results but also be better equipped for their future academic endeavors.

The Best Tutors and Instructors, Always!

Unlike other companies that have different tiers or levels of instructor pricing based on experience and/or talent, Victory Prep Tutors has only one kind of instructor: the very best! We carefully screen applicants, take them through a rigorous interview process, and train them thoroughly. Most importantly, all our talented, experienced, and highly paid instructors are available at the same low prices. We have so many stories about success that students and parents all attest to, praising their tutors and recommending Victory Prep Tutors to their friends and family!

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Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

Our course materials in Dallas and Houston have been designed by logically deconstructing every official SAT published in the last 8 years. On top of going through fundamentals and strengthening a student's foundation, we teach the approaches and strategies relevant to the test (e.g., when to guess, what order to follow in working through the questions, when to look at the answer choices, and so forth).

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Innovative Curriculum

Top Tutors in Texas!

Our instructors are carefully selected based on their personal academic achievements: scoring in the 98th percentile or higher on their own standardized tests. They go through several training sessions before they see any students to ensure they are prepared to go above and beyond to educate properly.

SAT tutors

Who are Victory Prep Tutors?

  • - College graduates who know first hand the importance and skills needed to ace the SAT
  • - Have at least 2-3 years of teaching experience
  • - Are among the highest scoring test takers in the nation
  • - Energetic, charismatic, and love teaching SAT test prep


Average SAT Score Improvement

SAT score improvements

Transferable Hours

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No worries. You can use the remaining hours in several of the following forms:

  • ⇒ Academic Tutoring
  • ⇒ College Admissions Counseling
  • ⇒ Personalized College and Scholarship Search
  • ⇒ College Interview Preparation
  • ⇒ College Essay Assistance
  • ⇒ Tutoring for Another Family Member

Our Report Card

A+: Convenient and Affordable

“It's great having the tutoring sessions at our home vs. spending an hour driving to and from other tutoring services we looked into. I shopped around quite a bit before selecting Victory Prep Tutors and their fees beat the competition by a long shot.”

- Denise Renter (parent)

A+: Fun Tutors

“My tutoring sessions were informative and never boring! The interactive sessions made learning more fun. I was made aware of useful tricks and tips for the SAT over a very short space of time!”

- Laura C. (student)
400 Pt. SAT Increase

A+: Student Recommendation

“Victory Prep Tutors is a top notch tutoring service. I was struggling on my SAT scoring a 1720 on my first go around. After a 16 hr. course with Varun and another SAT taken I was ecstatic to see my score jump to a 2040. I would highly recommend Victory Prep Tutors to any student who is serious about their college admissions."
- Cyrus H. (student)

SAT In-Home Private Tutoring Packages

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SAT Review Plan



9 Sessions

Detailed study of key concepts and test-taking strategies!



SAT Classic Plan



18 Sessions

Bolster targeted topics with a rigorous approach.


SAT Extensive Plan



25 Sessions

Thorough preparation to improve overall performance.


SAT Absolute Plan



40 Sessions

Detailed study of key concepts and test-taking strategies!



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