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Effective Science Tutoring that Leads to Outstanding Results!

With Victory Prep Tutors' one-on-one science tutoring all over the country, students will understand and learn science concepts at their own pace. Our tutors understand that every aspect of science needs to be addressed on its own. Certain science topics are more conceptual, so in order to clearly understand and master the concepts a broad picture has to be made first. Once the student has mastered the basics, new concepts will be introduced as he or she feels comfortable and is ready. Every student is different and plans needs to be customized according to the student's learning style and comfort level.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Summer is here and school is out! Don’t let all the knowledge your child has accumulated this past academic year go to waste. Victory Prep Tutors offers fun, yet productive, summer private tutoring programs designed to keep your child’s mind active and growing with curiosity. One of our representatives will meet with you to discuss your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement and, along with the assigned tutor, will create a custom summer tutoring plan.

What happens if we don’t use all of our summer tutoring hours?
The best part is that those hours roll over to the upcoming academic year! Students can use those hours to get help with homework, study for exams, review essays, and so much more.

Popular Science Tutoring Subjects

Pre-AP/AP Biology:
Biology is the study of living organisms. The main topics usually covered include, but are not limited to: cellular structure and function, reproduction, photosynthesis, respiration, energy pathways, animal and plant kingdoms, genetics, and molecular/cellular aspects. Biology is a subject that not only requires grasping concepts, but intensive memorization as well. Victory Prep Tutors have ways to help you understand and carry out the concepts day to day.

Pre-AP/AP Chemistry:
Chemistry is the study of matter, composition, and change. Most topics usually covered in private chemistry tutoring include, but are not limited to: atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, periodic law, chemical bonding, formula writing, equations, stoichiometry, gas laws, basic introduction to organic chemistry, and acids/bases. Chemistry is a subject that allows you to put what you learn in the classroom into effect in the lab. There you are able to see the formulas at play right in front of you. Chemistry is often referred to as "The Central Science" as it's a bridge between the natural sciences such as biology and geology.

Pre-AP/AP Physics:
Physics is the study of matter and motion. Some topics usually covered in physics tutoring include, but are not limited to: waves, sounds, mechanics, Newton's Law, momentum, thermodynamics, and kinematics. Physics is a more complex type of science in which we try to understand how the universe behaves through theories, formulas, and concepts. Physics often requires a stronger math background in order to carry things out. Victory Prep Tutors help the students understand the basic concepts, leading up to which formulas to use and how to plug everything in.

Forensics is an area of study in criminal investigation in which you learn how forensic scientists collect, analyze, and process evidence to solve a crime. Students enrolled in this course usually have to do a lot of case analyses, report writing, and lab test work in order to understand how science and law interact. Victory Prep Tutors can help by making a case crystal clear or helping to write a concise case analysis.

Genetics is the study of genes and heredity . In studying genetics, students would find themselves learning about DNA, genes, genotypes, mutations, and epigenetics. Genetics is one of those classes that requires a lot of reading and out of class studying. Genetics is known to be one of the hardest science courses around. Victory Prep Tutors will come in and break everything down into a step by step pattern. When dealing with genotypes and mutations, sometimes it's easier to take a step back and start over. Victory Prep Tutors offers highly qualified tutors that can break it down and simplify it.

Anatomy & Physiology:
Anatomy & Physiology introduce the structure and function of the human body. We have so many body parts, so many bones, and so many functions. Our academic tutors have shortcut techniques that will help you remember functions and names of body parts.

Why is Science So Important?

Science is something that we see on a day to day basis - cooking, recycling, weather reports, and so much more. Many people have the misconception that science is something that only scientists need to know or that they will never be able to use it outside of a classroom. Science helps you develop the analytical skills that no other subject can ever provide. When trying to construct an argument in the real world, where neither the problems or the answers are clear, you must use the same strategies you learn in science to understand and interact.

How Will a Victory Prep Tutor Engage My Child?

Victory Prep Tutors:

  • Listen to your child's needs and plan strategies to address these needs.
  • Have access to instructional and student practice resources.
  • Have integrated technology by providing appropriate online resources to your child along with live tutoring.
  • Will teach self-management skills critical to each student's success.
  • Observe, assess, and monitor your child's progress.

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