Del M

-University of Oklahoma, BFA in Drama

- Test Prep (PSAT, SAT and ACT)

About the Instructor
I joined Victory Step because I have always had a passion for teaching and tutoring. I have taught and tutored off and on for most of my life in a range of subjects from guitar to Spanish to stage carpentry in my university's theatre program. The teaching style I developed over that time is to find each student's learning strengths and teach the material in a way that plays to those strengths while maintaining an engaging and interesting learning environment. I am very familiar with the College application and testing process as a whole and in particular with the National Merit Scholarship process and I am happy to share my experience and advice in those areas. My interests outside of academia include working as an actor in the area along with writing music and playing shows in Texas and Oklahoma. I am also a major sports fan, but since my favorite teams are mostly from Houston it's been a rough decade.

Favorite Joke
- A young artist exhibits his art for the first time and a well-known art critic is in attendance.
The critic says to the young artist, "would you like my opinion on your work?"
"Yes,” says the artist.
"It's worthless," says the critic
The artist replies, "I know, but tell me anyway."

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