Jennifer R

University of Texas at Arlington, Bachelor's in Biology; University of North Texas, Master's of Library Sciences

AP Spanish
French-Level 1

About the Instructor
I joined Victory Step because I like helping people learn. I find teaching to be very rewarding, especially when students learn something new and retain the information. I am very passionate about learning and always seek new information. My hobbies are pro wrestling, travel, and fitness. And when I’m not teaching, I can probably be found doing some form of one of them.

In my family, I was the first person to graduate from college at all, let alone achieve a Master’s degree. So, students love to work with me because I understand that education and studying is key to helping you achieve your goals. As first generation Americans, my parents moved to Dallas so that their children had the best chance to succeed in life. And all 3 of us graduated from college. One is a drama teacher, the other teaches in elementary school, and I am a Library Director. So we all are in education, one way or another.

One achievement that I am very proud of is landing an internship with the National Archives in St. Louis. We learned how to make our own paper, handle delicate historical documents, and networked with other professionals in the field. The experience was of incalculable value, and I encourage everyone to strive to earn opportunities like this.

Favorite Joke
Want to hear a joke about sodium? Na.
Want to hear a joke about sodium hypobromite? NaBrO.

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