Lisa B

About the Instructor
I am an excellent math tutor and find great joy in helping teenagers discover how amazing math is. Most students struggling in math have one main complaint: What use is this in real life? I love the opportunity to talk with students about the intricacies of math that run our modern world. I spent 3 years teaching math in Houston, Tx. During that time I discovered I had a unique talent for engaging students who walked into class on the first day already hating algebra. I work hard to take the fear out of math. Consistently, my students had the highest passing rate for the Algebra 1 STAAR exam (out of 7 other full time algebra 1 teachers). I am also very proud of my work with SPED inclusion students. I held all my students to high standards (relative to where they were starting from); I found that almost always my students could rise to the higher standards. Most importantly they were proud of themselves because they knew that had truly achieved. Leaving teaching full-time was a very difficult decision; however, I moved to Dallas to pursue a degree full-time at Dallas Seminary.

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT,)
- Mathematics
- Physics

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