Dakota R

- Biomedical Sciences - University of Texas A&M

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT)
- English
- Mathematics
- Science (Chemistry and Biology)
- Geography
- History

About the Instructor
My name is Dakota and I have joined Victory Step because I believe that helping students in their education is the most rewarding experience a person can have. I enjoy teaching because I love seeing my students grow and progress in their academic endeavors. My hobbies include a vast love of excellent literature, film, and television. When I am not teaching, I am likely working on my goal of reading every Pulitzer Prize finalist and winner. I believe students would love working with me because I have extensive experience tutoring various subjects and because I can bring a new sense of excitement to their education.

Favorite Joke
I bought my friend an elephant for their room. He said, “thank you.” I said, “don’t mention it.”

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