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About the Instructor
My name is Drew Magness and I can help you become exceptional. For the past two years, I've taught hundreds of students across the United States in critical thinking and communication. My tutoring is centered around the idea that any academic subject is mastered through identifying goals, reaching for those goals, failing, evaluating the gap, and repeating this process until a concept becomes second-nature. This is how we gain proficiency in any subject matter, through failing, learning, and repeating. As a student, you'll learn through hands-on, enjoyable practice. I will never give you an answer, but I'll show you the next best step to getting the answer. I am a past National-Merit scholar, placing in the top percentile in the SAT and ACT. I'm a Global Business and International Political Economy double major at the University of Texas at Dallas and a member of the Collegium V Honors college, National Merit Scholars program, and Liberal Arts Honors cohort at UTD. In high school, I was also a champion speaker and debater, winning six national championship titles in speech and debate. Outside of academics and teaching, I love to rock-climb, brew delicious coffee, read a good book and travel with friends. I can't wait to work with you.

Favorite Joke
I invented a new word today: Plagiarism!

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