Kennedy W

- Dallas Baptist University - B.S. in English

- Test Prep (SAT and ACT)
- Math (Middle school and High school)
- Science
- English
- Reading
- Writing

About the Instructor
I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University, here i was able to study literature, literary theory, and writing to my heart's content! I never would've had the opportunity if it were not for scoring well on the ACT and earning a huge scholarship! For this reason, I believe doing well on the ACT/SAT is super important. I joined Victory Step because I believe test like the ACT and SAT are games that anyone can learn how to win! Standardized tests never came naturally for me in high school, so I began to utilize strategies that eventually helped me surpass my goal. I believe i can help you do the same! When I'm not tutoring, I'm most likely reading or spending time with my husband and two guinea pigs.

Favorite Joke
Why should you stand in the corner if you get cold? Its always 90 degrees!

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