Layton F

- UT Austin, Cell & Molecular Biology

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT)
- English
- Mathematics
- Science (Chemistry and Biology)

About the Instructor
I applied for Victory Step Education based on a few key ideas: I enjoy helping others and making them smile, I am adept at explaining most topics and talking in general. I have a strong background in test taking and have a pretty good study habit. In college, I finished every assignment, passed every exam, and learned a lot about education, life, and myself. Teaching gives me a sense of fulfillment and gratification when I see whoever is under my tutelage, understand the topic. I made 1570 on the SAT and took 14 AP exams, getting 4s on nearly all of them (got a 5 in BC Calculus). Some hobby titles that I might bestow upon myself would include being a video game connoisseur, film buff, music lover, graphic novel collector, burgeoning chef, and board game geek. Those all fall under a similar umbrella of my main passion that is having fun with and caring for my friends, family, girlfriend, and pets. That leads back to my love for helping others and making them smile! I believe anyone would enjoy working with me because I’m attentive, detail-oriented, empathetic, and downright hilarious.

Favorite Joke
The puzzle I bought says "5-6 years", yet I finished it in only 2 years; is there a test I can take to determine how much of a genius I am?

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