Kathy T

Hi, my name is Kathy T and I decided to join Victory Step because I love to lend a hand and help other students succeed academically. I’ve learned a great deal from my past experiences, both good and bad. Therefore, I would like to give my guidance where I can, once being in their exact shoes not too long ago. My favorite and strongest subjects are math and reading. I am very passionate about my family and friends due to their support for me to be successful in life. I enjoy sports, zumba, movies, and cooking when I have free time. Students would love to work with me because I can relate to them since I’ve been in their position a time or two and definitely learned a great deal that has shaped me into who I am. I want to be their tutor as well as a friend they can trust and come to anytime they need.

Favorite Joke - What did 0 say to 8?........................................ Nice belt!

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