Christopher C

- Boston College

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT)
- English
- Mathematics
- Ap Computer Science - College Essays

About the Instructor
I got into tutoring with Victory Step as a chance to work one-on-one with students and pass on my few years’ worths of teaching experience. I have a varied background—from being a classically trained pianist to being an overseas public policy researcher, a creative writer in my spare time, and now an amateur mobile developer. I enjoy teaching both English and math subjects; my favorite thing about teaching is getting the chance to help students develop problem-solving and reasoning skills, as well as reading strategies that allow the impact of good literature to really shine through for them. When I’m not tutoring, I’m usually making music, programming, or chipping away at a long reading list of philosophy books.

Favorite Joke
Parallel lines have so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet.

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