Lorelei S

- New College Florida

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT)
- English
- Mathematics

About the Instructor
I retired from a decade-plus career as a high school Math teacher and moved to the Dallas area to be closer to my family. As teaching is my passion, I became a tutor. To my delight, tutoring is like teaching with all of the rewards. I enjoy teaching because I love seeing my students grow and progress in their academic endeavors. I look forward to sharing my experience as a teacher, including a variety of learning techniques and methods as well as a vast knowledge of the high school Math curriculum, with students from the north Dallas area.

Favorite Joke
There are three types of mathematicians, those that can count and those that cannot… I told this joke when passing out assignments and, invariably, a hand shot up with the plaintive cry, “Ms. Stepp, I didn’t get an assignment.”

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