Ellis Blake

University -Hi! I’m Ellis, an instructor here at Victory Step. I joined Victory Step because I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I’ve worked with students both in-and-out of classroom and know the value firsthand of individualized academic and personal support. Being able to connect with students in a meaningful way towards helping them grow to their full potential is incredibly rewarding and why I’m an instructor. I also love playing the drums, videography, and skateboarding. As an instructor, I strive to create a relaxed and uplifting study environment. As daunting as test-taking can be, I want to help my students feel personally committed and excited to see themselves succeed. Having received tutoring for the SAT myself when I was in high school, I’m familiar with the struggle and perseverance necessary to grow. Through that effort, I was able to score in the top 1% of test-takers and essayists.
Subject - SAT and ACT prep (790 R, 740 M)
Essay Writing

University - The University of Texas at Dallas
Favorite Joke - Why is Cowboys Stadium the perfect tornado shelter? There’s no chance of a touchdown

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