Jessica D

- Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minors in Math and Political Science, Baylor Interdisciplinary Program, Baylor University

- Test Prep (SAT and ACT)
- Math
- Economics
- English and Government

About the Instructor
My name is Jessica Darrouzet, I am a former math teacher turned stay at home mom! I love helping students overcome their roadblocks to learning and be successful! I also enjoy making tough subjects, like math, enjoyable and approachable for students! I had the opportunity to tutor many students while I was a peer tutor in the Academic Success Center at Baylor University. After graduating, I began my teaching certificate in high school mathematics and taught at a local high school for a year until my oldest son was born. When I am not tutoring, I am taking care of my two young sons, swimming or quilting!

Favorite Joke
- What's the difference between trumpets players and government bonds?
Government bonds eventually mature and earn money.

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