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SAT Score Improvement - 410 pts

"My daughter received tutoring for SAT from Stuart through the Dallas location in the spring of this year. Her goal was to get a score that would qualify her for a scholarship with the University of Missouri. As it turns out, her score increased enough that she was awarded a scholarship worth over $52,000. So, I wanted to let you know that and say, "Thank you."

Nicki Roderman(Parent)

High School - Plano Senior High School

SAT Score Improvement – 320 pts

"Victory Step is a top notch tutoring service. I was struggling on my SAT scoring a 1720 on my first go around. Varun assured me that with hard work and practice we could get that score significantly higher. After a 16 hour course with Varun and another SAT taken I was ecstatic to see my score jump to a 2040. I would highly recommend Victory Step to any student who is serious about their college admissions."

Cyrus Huncharek (Student)

High School – First Baptist Academy

ACT Score Improvement – 5 pts

"My son recently completed the private tutoring ACT prep and did great on his test!!! As a result of his high score he received several academic scholarships on top of the athletic offers. It was exciting for him to have multiple options for college and we could not have done it without Victory Step. His tutor, Devon was outstanding and we recommend him to everyone we know. We already have plans for our youngest son to start the prep course next year. The private tutoring is an investment that definitely pays off"

Carolyn Cantrell (Parent)

High School – Centennial

SAT Score Improvement – 320 points

The private sessions are very helpful! My writing score was amazing and my math and reading improved too! I'm doing really well in math at school too! I recommended taking the SAT/ACT program!

Isha Ralhan (Student)

High School – Flower Mound High School

SAT Score Improvement –

"Zach was an amazing teacher! I understood everything a lot better after each session and he made me feel very prepared for the SAT. He explained all the concepts in a way that I would understand it. I am so excited to see my scores!

Shaina Gagadam (Student)

High School – All Saints Episcopal

SAT Score Improvement – 240 pts

"I took the SAT this morning and felt a lot more confident at this one than I did at the last one. Devon was an awesome instructor btw; thanks for the help!"

Sonja Lea (Student)

High School – Naaman Forest High School

SAT Score Improvement – Pending

"Victory Step is a really good program. I like the fact that it's young adults teaching teens about SAT/ACT prep. I'd recommend this to any teen that wants to get good high scores on the SAT or ACT. Choose Varun as your tutor.

Laurent Njiki (Student)

High School – Wylie High School

ACT Score Improvement – Pending

"I have just completed 4 private tutoring sessions with Varun and it has helped me so incredibly much. I like that with the private tutoring, the teacher can really get a feel for what you specifically need help with. After doing these sessions of tutoring I feel extremely confident in taking my ACT test on Saturday! I highly recommend private tutoring!

Marissa Turk (Student)

High School – Plano West High School

ACT Score Improvement – Pending.

"Just got done being tutored by Devan. He was an excellent tutor helping me pinpoint my difficulties in my ACT packet and didn't just show me the answer, but showed me how to get to the answer. Would definitely recommend him. 5/5."

Ryan Shoultz (Student)

High School – June Shelton High School

SAT Score Improvement – 270 points

"Victory Step offers great tutors for a great value. My daughter raised her SAT score 270 points! Because of Varun, she will attending NYU in the Fall.

Dana McArthur (Parent)

High School – Lovejoy High School


I have used a couple of other ACT tutors in the past. Not thrilled with that experience I decided to try Victory Step because of a recommendation from another mother. I could not be happier with this tutor and his results. He established himself right from the beginning, his expectations, the amount of work required, attendance etc. The kids respect him and want to perform well both for themselves and for him. My son has raised his score significantly since beginning his lessons. I only wish my kids could have had more instructors during their schools careers like this one!

Sheree Dunn Rose (Parent)


After being out of school for a few years I lacked the motivation and confidence to further my education. I never thought I had what it takes to pass the GMAT. I was fortunate enough to come across Victory Step. Victory Step provided me the tools and strategies that I needed to succeed. I was blown away witg how stimulating , motivational, and enlightening the classes were. An added bonus to Victory Step is how affordable it was. Thru Victory Step I attained the skills that I need to tackle the GMAT and the sky is the limit from here!

Shumon Farhad (Student)


"We were very pleased with Victory Step and their approach to test prep. The program was organized and the methods were effective. Our daughter's tutor, Logan was instrumental in helping her prepare for the ACT. We would highly recommend Victory Step and Logan!!"

Christy Engle Matthews (Parent)


"Victory Step's Jordan Driscoll is a fabulous tutor for our son. Jordan's ability to communicate in a way that draws on our son's strengths, has made our son's SAT and ACT preparation a great learning experience. Jordan is a wizard, knowing where and how to focus for each test. Jordan's background has also allowed him to help our son with virtually any homework problem, His flexible and individualized approach has made our experience with Victory Step invaluable."

Will Montgomery (Parent)

ACT Score Improvement – 5 pts

"After my daughter's first attempt at the ACT, I felt her scores did not adequately reflect her abilities. We hired Brian from Victory who taught my daughter how to approach the test from the right angle, and also he encouraged her to spend time taking as many practice tests as possible. She had a real mental block with the math section and he patiently helped her learn how to attack those problems. As a result, her total score improved 5 points and she started receiving letters from Ivy League schools. I cannot say enough good things about Brian. He has a very likeable personality and completely put my daughter at ease, and built her up with confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an ACT or SAT tutor for their child."

Susan Graves Hayes (Parent)


Victory step is a great SAT and ACT tutoring company. My scores increased a lot!!!

Kyle Varni (Student)

High School – John Paul II High School


My daughter has been with Victory Step for 4 months and I know we have found the best fit for her! I thoroughly researched all the options and found that Victory Step was the ONLY one that could incorporate SAT prep with AP/subject tutoring. Our tutor is extremely flexible in allowing my daughter to use her time for either SAT prep or to prepare her for an AP test or difficult project. No other prep course is designed for the student's best interest like Victory Step. We have found that having a tutor that comes to our home is a luxury. It gives my daughter that extra half hour to hour that she needs for homework. We have the 50 session plan so I know we will be covered all the way to AP exam time. Thank you Victory Step for being so flexible!

Lynne Lester(Parent)

High School – Prestonwood Christian Academy


My family was Victory Step's first client. We started using Victory Step two years ago when my older brother did ACT tutoring, then Varun became my math tutor, who has been working with me throughout my high school years. Without him there is no way I'd be where I am today. I went from barely passing math to being an A-B student. I highly recommend Victory Step.

Lauren Shillington (Student)

High School – Willowbend Academy


"Victory Step really helped me out, my instructor Kiran was great and really worked with everyone to make sure they were prepared for the SAT. My score improved tons and I feel much more confident on my college admission. (:

Christinia Mylar

High School – New Tech High School


"We hired Victory Step at the recommendation of a friend who had used them and the results were stunning. My son was able to increase math by 5 points, reading by 6 points and science by 2 points. If your kid struggles with these type of tests then I would highly recommed an investment with Victory Step. Our instructor was Devin and he was great!"

David Appleby (Parent)

High School – Frisco Centennial

ACT Score Improvement – 3 points

"My son, Alex, went through the Victory Steps program to prepare for the ACT in Fall 2012. The package included test preparation and private tutoring sessions. Alex improved his score by 3 points. Alex is a serious student, and by improving his score, he was awarded a scholarship at the University of Arkansas, and accepted into their Engineering Program. He was also accepted at the SMU Engineering Program, along with UTD & UTA Engineering programs which also included some scholarship money. The service provided by Victory Steps was enjoyable to Alex. The staff were organized and Alex liked the guest speaker that talked about test anxiety. He benefited from the classes and private sessions. They helped him build confidence, and pushed him in a way that a parent alone cannot do. I would highly recommend Victory Steps as an essential part of the increasingly competitive college preparation process.

Van Moushegian (Parent)

High School – Prestonwood Christian Academy

SAT Score Improvement – 400 points

"My tutoring sessions were informative and never boring! The interactive sessions made learning more fun. I was made aware of useful tricks and tips for the SAT over a very short space of time! I have had many tutors over the months but Victory Step’s help was by far the best! Victory step gave me confidence so I felt prepared to take the SAT! After a week of tutoring I went up 400 points on a practice test from my previous score! I recommend Victory Step to anyone needing help in any aspect of the SAT or ACT.

Laura C. (Mesquite, TX) (Student)

SAT Score Improvement – 350 points

"My instructor from Victory Step is a very helpful individual. I am a student from Dallas wanting to get into a good college (most probably University of Texas in Austin), and I feel as if my instructor has done a great job! This is a break down of what I received before and after Victory Step: Critical Reading (510 to 640) Math (490 to 630) Writing (590 to 660) That is a 350 point improvement!! Thank you so much Victory Step, and if anyone wants to hear more about Victory step, please email me at!

Praveen Mathur (Dallas, TX) (Student)

ACT Score Improvement – Pending

"My daughter has gone through Victory Step's private tutoring and she has really improved. Her tutor, Michael, was helpful and professional. I know she's going to do great on her upcoming ACT test!!

Sylvia Lucas (Frisco, TX) (Parent)

SAT Score Improvement – 350 points

"I have been very pleased with my daughter's tutor from Victory Step. Michael has a great work ethic, is a good role model and is extremely dependable. He provides timely updates following each session which are very appreciated. It's great having the tutoring sessions at our home vs. spending an hour driving to and from other tutoring services we looked into. I shopped around quite a bit before selecting Victory Step and their fees beat the competition by a long shot. I look forward to seeing how my daughter does on her first practice test. I'm convinced this is a very good investment and will position my daughter to do her best on her ACT in the Fall.

Denise Renter (Dallas, TX) (Parent)

SAT Score Improvement – 310 points

"Our son attended the Spring session class for the SAT and found it very helpful. He felt more prepared for the SAT and there were no unexpected surprises. He thinks by taking the practice exam several times he had a better grasp on his approach towards the SAT. The tutor felt our son would do better on the ACT therefore beginning in August we began sessions in private tutoring for the ACT. We felt our son was in need of more one on one time to guide him in specific areas of the ACT. Not only was Victory Step very helpful in tutoring our son but very accommodating with his rigorous schedule. His tutor was also very good at boosting his confidence and well as bringing resolve to his fears. I would highly recommend Victory Step, the tutors can relate to the students because they have been through the same process when they were applying to college, unlike most of the parents of the students who had graduated high school 25 years ago. I know our son felt as ease with his tutor because he was very realistic and honest. The tutor knew what our son was capable of and gave him encouragement and confidence to reach his capabilities.

Aleks Hahn (Plano, TX) (Parent)

ACT Score Improvement – Pending

"Mara has greatly enjoyed the tutoring sessions she has had with Danielle. We have seen improvement in her practice test scores and Danielle has been thoroughly professional and accommodating. Danielle has worked around Mara’s schedule when we have run into conflicts and is always on time for our appointments. I really appreciate the follow up emails she sends to me after each session so that my wife and I are aware of what was accomplished during the tutoring session and how we can reinforce what was covered and ensure homework is completed. The classroom sessions and practice tests as part of the ACT program at the Fort Worth facility has helped to reinforce the gains Mara has made during the tutoring. Mara takes her test on April 14 and I believe she is confident going into the test due to the hard work she has put into her preparation with the guidance from Danielle.

Dan Leavitt (Fort Worth, TX) (Parent)


SAT Score Improvement – 290 points

"I took a SAT classroom with Victory Step in December of last year and would like to tell everyone that I am extremely satisfied with my results. I play football for my school and required a certain score to get a scholarship. Right now I have received several scholarships for academics and football including Rice and Baylor university!! As a junior, I took the SAT exam and had a 1070 (610 Math and 460 Reading). The classroom program really helped me with Sentence completions since my vocab is not that great. I have always had a problem reading passages that are boring. My instructor was weirdly energetic and very passionate about her work, which helped me kind of stay focused (although some of the jokes were very corny!). She helped me increase my score to a 1420 and a overall score to a 2150!!! My Critical Reading score increased by 180 points! Wow is all i have to say! My parents have decided to send my little brother here (although he is only 11 years old lol).

Chris Leavett (Dallas, TX) (Student)

SAT Score Improvement – 270 points

"My instructor helped me apply to colleges as well as standards for applying. He also showed me ways to approve my score, tips on the SAT. Victory Step is amazing!

Mary B. (Prosper, TX) (Student)

SAT Score Improvement – 320 points

"I think my instructor related very well with the students. My son did not complain at all going to the [SAT] tutoring class with Victory Step because of the instructor. He made it fun and made himself someone they could relate to.

Brian L. (Wylie, TX) (Student)

SAT Score Improvement – 290 points

"My instructor was awesome about keeping everyone on the same page and making sure we understood the stuff he was teaching.

Alley V. (Carrollton, TX) (Student)

ACT Score Improvement – 7 points

"The instructor from Victory Step was very eager to help, very friendly, funny, and really helped with our questions about the ACT as well as college.

Priyank S. (Dallas, TX) (Student)

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